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Automatic Copper Wire Coil Tape Wrapping Machine LJL-B01

Short Description:

Taping speed: within 1.5s
Applicable tape width: 5mm-20mm
Max tape OD: 120mm
Tape cutting range: 40~90mm

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Model  LJL-B01 Automatic Copper Wire Coil Tape Wrapping Machine
Taping speed 1.5S
Tape width 5-20 mm(other size can customize)
Tape inner diameter 76mm
Tape outer diameter Max 120mm
Power supply 220v 50hz, 0.55kw
Cutting length 40~90mm
Air pressure 4kg/cm2
Weight 30KG
Dimensions 670x390x480 mm


1, Taping speed: within 1.5s
2 ,Applicable tape width: 5mm-20mm
3, Max tape OD: 120mm
4, Tape cutting range: 40~90mm
5, Replace the adhesive tape: the old and new adhesive tapes are bonded end to end.
6, The taping tightness is subject to the existing mold. If there is a special product, it is necessary to customize the reel according to the product size.
7,The vulnerable parts of this machine are paper cutting scissors, paper roll and contact switch.
8, Other electrical components are guaranteed for one year, except for damage caused by man-made and irresistible factors.

Functional characteristics

1.automatic rubber machine full step motor drive, free of use Air pressure, suitable for mass production and independent processing;
2. The operation panel of the automatic rubber wrapping machine is more flexible and more The replacement product adjustment design is unique;
3. The automatic rubber packing machine is beautiful and generous, Ensure the environmental protection, safety and application of the plant;
4. Special patent design of automatic rubber wrapping machine, service life Long life, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, low maintenance costs Integrity;
5. The automatic rubber machine can be performed according to the process requirements Bbit positioning.
6.For various electronic coil, stator line package and other ring products wrapped in the adhesive paper
7.Compatible beauty grain glue, Mara glue, retaining wall glue, high temperature glue and other materials
8.The rubber beat is 1.5 seconds, adjustable number and length
9.Automatic shortage of tape, quick replacement
10.Human-machine interface, PLC control system
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