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Automatic label rewinder with counter LJL-R7

Short Description:

Model:LJL-R7 Product Name: adjustable speed label rewinder Rewinding speed: 8 in / S Baffle diameter: 185mm Coil core range: 1-3 (in) Label width: 100mm Rewind mode: positive stop and reverse (automatic synchronization) Rated power: 5W Power supply specification: 100-240V Package size: 375 * 265 * 290mm Product weight: 4.2kg Working environment: 20-80 ℃ (no condensation)

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Functional features

1. the size of the coil core is adjusted arbitrarily. Coil diameter up to 185mm
2. automatically synchronize printer speed. When the printer is stopped, the retractor stops automatically
3. the paper free drum is faster to roll. Put the paper drum in the middle of the three axes to realize
4. silent design, high decibels are rejected
5. 304 stainless steel and 6061 aviation aluminum are used. Selected materials for better use only
6. cold and wear resistance of large motor, long service life
7. rewind direction adjustment. It can be rolled back on the front and back, and the positive and negative gears can be achieved by gently turning the positive and negative gears
8. easy to install. Remove the coil core by loosening only one wrench
9. adjustable paper stop bar to make the label roll back arranged more orderly and compact (the paper stop bar can be installed extra)
10. volume back label counting function, the volume of rewind is clear at a glance( Additional counter with preset values can be installed)


1.Large diameter rewinding
The winding width is 110mm(4.33 inch)
and the diameter is 185mm(7.3 inch)

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2.Can rewind without paper core
It is easy to rewind the label,
Convenient and cost saving.

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3.Adjustable speed, and the direction of roll
Speed can be adjusted,
Adjust the positive and opposite rewinding

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4.Automatic synchronization by tension induction
Once the printer stopped working,
the rewinder stops automatically.

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