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Cable Shrinkable Tubing Inserting and Heating Machine LJL-800

Short Description:

Product model: LJL-800
Product name: Cable Shrinkable Tubing Inserting and Heating Machine
Power: 600w
Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Dimensions: 550 * 550 * 1450MM
Weight: 100kg
Speed: 800PC

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This machine is suitable for wearing heat shrinlable sleeves onto AC, DC cables and other electronic wire ends, as well as cable
automatically cut heat shrinkable tubing into required length.
The operator inserts the wire end into the guide hole, stepping on the foot switch, and the device will heat shrink the tubing

Product Description

1.Accurate, stable, durable, and customized to customer requirements
2.Cut the pipe automatically and bake it automatically
3.Manual wiring, automatic pipe cutting, automatic pipe piercing,
automatic baking, completed at one time
4.Pipe through positioning speed model, high accuracy
5.Large screen and buttons are clear at a glance, more convenient to operate

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