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Cable Wire Prefeeder Machine LJL-X01

Short Description:

Model: LJL-X01
Max Load Weight  MAX 14KG
Wire Roll OD Max 300mm
Wire Roll ID 120mm

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Machine size 390*390*500MM
Weight 8.8KG
Voltage AC220V-50HZ
Power supply 0.1KW
Max Load Weight MAX 14KG
Wire Roll OD Max 300mm
Wire Roll ID 120mm
Suitable wires Electric wires except flat cables
Function With a built-in microcomputer inductor to process wire prefeeding. Support positive and negative switching, and arbitrary feeding.

Small and lightweight / suitable for all automata and wire cutters.
Do not need to line online, independently identify the line length (full closed-loop control)
High temperature line, super long line, iron dragon, etc
The machine uses step drive and motor sensors, passive induction setting out automatically
Control of the setting out length does not need manual intervention in the setting out speed, the turntable rotation is guaranteed
The wire will never knot
Can positive and reverse switch any line out

The rotary wire handling tray is designed for loose wire coils, the self tension of the wire can make it rotate automatically while pulling wire from the coil center. It can prevent the wire from becoming twisted or knotted. On the consideration of economic cost and space-saving idea, we made this very handy wire feeder

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