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Cable wire shield braid brushing and twisting Machine LJL-023

Short Description:

Air pressure:1.5-2.5kg/c㎡ Built in pressure regulating valve
Twisting speed:1400circle/s
Twisting length:5—80mm (150mm customize)
Brushing stripped length:1-60mm(can be brushed up to 80-100mm depending on material of wire)

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Automatic brushing and twisting machine (3 brushes)LJL-023

Air pressure

1.5-2.5kg/c㎡ Built in pressure regulating valve

Voltage  Power

AC 220V 50-60Hz 10W

Air pressure


Twisting speed


Twisting length

5—80mm (150mm customize)

Wire range






Brushing motor

12v 3000circle/s

Brushing wire range


Brushing stripped length

1-60mm(can be brushed up to 80-100mm depending on material of wire)

Brush function: brush motor 12V 3000 rpm

Brush line diameter 0.1-10 mm, brush stripping 1-60 mm (80-100 mm depending on the material)

The screen brush can be scattered to one side and then twisted

The density of the scattered screen should be loose and not too dense

If the density of the screen is relatively high, you can choose another product of our company. 1. Screen breaking machine (can be brushed to 50 square meters, and the length of the screen can be brushed to 80 mm)

2. Crawler type dispersing machine (can be023singliemg (1) 023singliemg (2) 023singliemg (3) 023singliemg (4) 023singliemg (5) 023singliemg (6) 023singliemg (7) brushed to 70 square meters, and the length of shielding mesh can be brushed to 200 mm)

Thread removal function: the outer diameter of the thread can be removed within 6 mm, the brushing length can be 0-60 (depending on the weaving density of the line of sight material), the brush wheel spacing can be adjusted, the speed of the thread removal wheel can be adjusted, and the stepless speed change can be realized, with a separate switch control.
All kinds of ground wires, braided wires and isolation wires can be tightened, completely replacing manual work. The gripping hand adopts pneumatic control. When the air source is connected, the gripping hand will automatically open. When working, only need to hold the wire in, and lightly turn on the foot switch to complete the twisting operation.


1.The automatic gripper adopts an exposed design, so that the scattered copper wires are also easily placed.
2.There is no need to adjust the elastic clamping wire when the wire diameter is different.
3.This model is an upgraded version of the gas-electric twisting machine.
4.The new automatic cable pulling device is added, and the training time for novices is short.
5.The opening size of the chuck can be adjusted. Loosen the chuck spindle screw inside the machine, move the entire chuck to the motor direction and then tighten the spindle screw to expand it, and vice versa.
6.The clamping force of the chuck can be increased to 5 to 6 springs by the spring force.


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