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Electric test equipment for tensile strength of wire and cables LJL-SE1

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Model: LJL-SE1
Measuring range 0~1000(N)or  0~100(Kg)
Unit of measure kilogram(Kg)/Newton(N)
Display 6-digit LCD display

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Model LJL-SE1
Measuring range 0~1000(N)or  0~100(Kg)
Unit of measure kilogram(Kg)/Newton(N)
Display 6-digit LCD display
Sensor accuracy +0.2% (full scale)
Power supply voltage 220V,50Hz; 110V,60Hz
Working environment -10℃~50℃
Maximum stroke 43(mm)


The wire harness special tensile testing machine is a high-precision instrument for the wire harness pull-off test of the wire harness manufacturing industry. Wire harness special quick clamp, automatic test, the load cell uses the original Japan imported NTS sensor. The force application device is dragged by the motor. The load measurement uses imported high-precision, high-stability load sensor. The control part is controlled by all-digital microprocessor, force value liquid crystal display, and expandable PC interface.Convenient for data processing. It has the characteristics of compact equipment, accurate control, high measurement accuracy, convenient sample clamping, and simple operation. It is an ideal equipment for wire harness manufacturers to ensure product quality.

Process procedure

1. Turn on the power and the puller automatically verifies the sensor.
2. Clamp the wire or terminal in the fixture.
3. According to the pull standard, select the pull speed and press the speed selection button.
4. Press the zero button to zero the tension sensor.
5. Press the Kilogram and Newton selection buttons to select the force unit and confirm the unit indicator.
6. Press the start button and one end of the tension machine starts moving.
7. The clamp will move all the way until pull the wire and terminal off, then return automatically (when the pull value is >100N), Or the fixture moves to the end of the stroke and returns automatically.
8. If you need to return during operation, press the Back button and the fixture will return to the starting point.
9. Complete the pull test, clean the surface of the puller and turn off the power.

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