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Full automatic PTFE Teflon tape wrapping machine LJL-160

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Model: LJL-160
Applicable threads:1/8 1/4 3/8 3/4 1/2
PTFE Tape width:5-14mm
Thickness: 0.1mm

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Automatic PTFE tape winder

Model LJL-160 Fully-auto PTFE tape wrapping machine
Air pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa
Voltage 220/110V
Applicable threads ZG1/8-2 inch threads and NPT1/8-2 inch threads.
1/8  1/4  3/8  3/4  1/2
Winding efficiency  3-4 seconds/piece (winding 3-5 circles).
Applicable PTFE Teflon tape width: 5-14mm
thickness: 0.1mm
Net weight  about 150kg
Dimensions W400×L400×H530

This automatic Thread Seal Teflong/ PTFE tape wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping Teflong/PTFE tape for all screwed joints, including pipe threads, valve fittings, plumbing fittings, water purifier connectors, hydraulic oil pipe fittings, tracheal joints and so on. It highly improves production efficiency.
The product changed the previous traditional manual operation non-standard, standard, waste of hours and materials;Winding quality ensures:


1.Easy to operate, no need for skilled workers, the number of turns and winding speed can be set
2.High efficiency and high quality, no rework and loss
3.Finishing a complete process in an average of 3 seconds
4. 5 times faster than the traditional skilled manual operation, 1 hour to produce 600-800 pieces
5.The data of servo drive is accurate, reliable and stable
6.Winding closely and tightly, not easy to fall off
7. Vibrating plate feeding, easy to operate, high efficiency and high quality
8. The number of turns and winding speed can be set
9.The raw material belt is close to the surface of the thread, and the finishing place is complete, and it is difficult to see the finishing marks;
10.The number of winding rings can be set at will, and ensure that the number of winding rings of each threaded joint is the same;
11. Each threaded joint is wrapped in the same position.
12.This is an automatic upgrade product, only needs to wrap the workpiece in the vibration disc, the machine automatically wound, which well solves the manual problem.


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