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Half strip and twist machine/ Semi stripping and twisting machine LJL-210

Short Description:

Twisting length: 4-20mm
Wire size:1-4MM AWG14-22

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Product introduction

This machine is suitable for electronic wire, multi-core wire, AC/AD power wire half peeling, make convenient plug-in, not easy to loosen, strong torsion, 2-5 wires each time is completed, even twist line, fast and stable quality.


Electric control for semi-stripping wire twisting.
Height adjustable for different twisted line ameters.
Low noise, high performance and stable operation efficiency.
Twtwist effect can meet different customer rLJL-210singleimg (6) LJL-210singleimg (2) LJL-210singleimg (3) LJL-210singleimg (4) LJL-210singleimg (5) LJL-210singleimg (1) s8dg4gequirements, not easy to loose.
Extensive used in speaker line, horn line processing
Roller tooth thickness can be configured as required.
Roller can make multiple options like 80mm 100mm 120mm etc

Voltage: AC220V 50/60HZ
Power supply: 120W
Weight: 10kg
Dimension: 300*250*220MM
Twisting length: 4-20mm
Wire size:1-4MM AWG14-22


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