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High speed trademark cutting machine LJL-910

Short Description:

Model number: LJL-910 with cold & hot cutter
Cutting width: 1-98mm
Cutting length: 1-99999mm
Cutting speed: 80-120 times / min
Max. temperature: 430°

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Model number: LJL-910
Cut off: Cold Cut / Hot Cut
Cutting width: 1-98mm
Cutting length: 1-99999mm
Cutting speed: 80-120 times / min
Max. temperature: 430 °
Power supply: 0.6KW
Voltage: 220V/110V
Package dimensions: 550 * 450 * 350 mm

Functional features

This label cutter uses sensors to identify patterns on the marker for precise cutting. Cutting is divided into cold cutting and hot cutting. Thermal cutting is generally used for materials that do not need heating, such as washable labels, PVC trademarks, etc., and thermal cutting has a certain edge sealing effect on the loose edge material. The equipment is fast, accurate, simple to operate, and can greatly improve production efficiency. * Suitable for cutting various printed labels, weaving labels, pvc trademarks, undry adhesive trademarks, and hot cutting after heating;

* is equipped with Japanese SUNX photoeye, with high precision and simple operation;
* independently developed control system with reasonable structural design and speed up to 120 times / min;
* has the function of discharging waste, eliminating the impact of waste, and making the continuous operation of the machine;
The * electrostatic elimination device eliminates the effects of static electricity during efficient shear, These parts will fold naturally;
* adjustable cutter speed and feed speed, fully control the speed of the machine;
* high speed accurate feed motor with precision up to 0. 3 mm at the cutting length of 2.5m;
The * control system has four working modes, including commissioning mode, positioning mode, fixed length mode, and discharge mode. These working modes can meet the different cutting requirements of various materials;
* large LCD screen in Chinese (English), simple and convenient

High speed trademark cutting machine
Mode selection: fixed length or color pursuit can be selected
Length setting: the required length can be set
Quantity setting: the quantity to be processed can be set
Speed setting: processing speed can be set
Length compensation: it can increase or decrease the set length; Count clear: can clear the current count of mass production
Batch reset: the current batch number can be cleared
Line detection: 10 lines and motor wiring can be detected; Single cutting function: single cutting with one knife
Reset function: the cutter can be reset
Language function: Chinese / English characters can be switched
Manual feeding: manual front and back feeding

Cutting material
Suitable for hot strip, color belt, ribbon, nylon belt, safety belt, backpack belt, elastic belt, spiral belt

Applicable industries: clothing industry, automobile supplies, luggage industry, toy products, hat making industry, shoe making industry, etc.;

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