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Integrated terminal section analyzer ljl-se3

Short Description:

Model: LJL-SE3
Microscopic analysis multiple of terminal section: 0.7-4.5x
Total video magnification: 45 ~ 450X
Scope of application of wire: 0.01M ㎡ ~ 30m ㎡, optional to 150m ㎡
Power supply: AC100V ~ AC240V

Product Detail

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item value
Warranty 1 year
Certification GS
Customized support OEM
Place of Origin China
Brand Name LJL-SE3
Precision cutting grinding table (including professional fixture) motor 0~4000rpm
Power supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Total video magnification 45~500X
Applicable wire range 0.01m㎡~30m㎡ (can choose 150mm2)
Cut blade specifications DIA105X0.5mm(Germany imported, delicate and durable)
Abrasive sandpaper 1200#
Standard fixture 0.01-150mm2
High-precision reference ruler 0.01/10mm
Dimension W500XD350XH350
Terminal corrosion Liquid cleaning (5S completed)
Imaging system software X-12scan automatic one click scanning automatic measurement software
Lighting source All white adjustable LED lighting device

Integrated terminal section analyzer ljl-se3

The integrated terminal section analyzer is a precision detection and analysis equipment specially developed for the quality inspection of wire harness industry. The whole system is composed of terminal cutting equipment, grinding equipment, corrosion cleaning section image acquisition system, wire harness terminal image measurement and analysis system and other units. It adopts human mechanics design and modular combination to make the operation more convenient and fast. A complete set of detection system can complete the processing and analysis of a terminal in 5 minutes, greatly improving the speed of terminal section quality inspection. Simple operation, high-quality image acquisition system, accurate measurement and analysis for your production escort. High performance microscope and special software can measure length and calculate area simply and correctly.

Instrument features

Compact, easy to carry, easy to operate, high quality and low distortion optical instrument image capture module
Low cost, quick return, optical instrument safety protection device, easy to transport
Automatic cutting module, with super bright white LED light source, low heat
High speed grinding module with fine adjustment, x, y, Z axis measuring table with fine adjustment
Optional electrolytic corrosion module, humanized fixture holder, high precision correction ruler
The design of protective cover increases the security of operation. The 5 megapixel camera is USB 2.0.

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