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Magic sticker tape cutting machine LJL-814

Short Description:

Model number: LJL-814
Cutting speed: 110 times / min
Maximum cutting width: 130mm
Cutting length: 0.1-99999mm
Voltage: 220V
Blade maximum temperature: 450 degrees
Power supply: 06.KW
Weight: 25KG
Mechanical dimensions: 400 * 340 * 300mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

Magic appropriate belt machine is suitable for: shoes and hat factory, luggage factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, gloves factory, sports equipment factory, medical equipment factory and other industries

Functional Features:

1.This machine can adjust the length, quantity and speed setting arbitrarily
2.Use LCD display, material automatic stop
3.Using high performance ARM chip for power saving
4.Front and rear unloading function, upper and lower deceleration function
5.Motor drive has over-current, over-pressure, and anti-interference functions
6.Blade is made of white steel cut steel, with heat resistance and cold cutting characteristics, wear resistance and durability
7.The feeding wheel is synchronized with the gear
8.Count function, more accurate material delivery
9.It has an accurate length calibration function

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