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Mini package banding machine LJL-189HF

Short Description:

Consumable specification: Opp film tape, thickness 80-120mic
Strapping tape width: 11.75mm
Frame size: 22 * 17 36 * 26 (width and height)
Frame size: 220*170*160mm
Package size: 200*160mm

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Item Mini package banding machine
Consumable specification Opp film tape, thickness 80-120mic
Strapping tape width 11.75mm
Frame size 22 * 17  36 * 26 (width and height)
Frame size 220*170*160mm
Package size 200*160mm
Package speed <1.5S
Tension Force 5-50N
Bonding mold instantaneous hot melting
Operation mode Auto & manual
Foot-pedal Choose
power supply AC220V/50Hz or AC110V /60Hz  250W
Weight 22KGS
Fuselage material stainless steel
Machine size 520*280*510mm
MOQ 1pcs

Field of application

Paper industry: burning paper, yellow paper, bubble paper, beating paper, soft bubble paper, etc
Printing industry: paper bags, plastic bags, packaging bags, cartons, brochures, single pages, etc
Others: hardware, labor protection, building materials, household appliances, factories, etc
The main business is suitable for binding and finishing multi root, multi strip, multi branch, multi bag, multi box, multi bundle and other objects. There are no strict requirements on the characteristics and shapes of objects, such as food, packaging, printing, vegetables and so on. The specific applicable products and uses are listed as follows: hand-made vermicelli strapping, sanitary incense and Buddhist incense strapping, vermicelli and vermicelli strapping, pharmaceutical enterprise or circulation link medicine box strapping, printing industry paper label Book strapping, film packaging industry packaging bag strapping, such as tea bag self sealing bag, dry and impurity free vegetables, such as asparagus and garlic moss.

It has the advantages of simple operation, low failure rate, low maintenance cost, strong binding force, small bandwidth, no glue residue and cheap consumables. It can be used in various forms, such as one word, I-word, cross and well word, and controlled by microcomputer.


1. Install the full-automatic pusher according to the steps in the manual
2. Place the machine in a clean and dust-free place for power on (the machine must be reliably grounded. If you are not sure whether the power socket has an effective ground wire, be sure to lead another ground wire for the power socket.
3. Put in the tape tray and take in the tape (please carefully read the attached instructions and adopt the correct feeding method before taking in the tape)
4. Binding


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