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Multi angle cold and hot strip cutting machine LJL-120CX

Short Description:

Model number: LJL-120CX with hot cutter
Cutting speed: 80 times / min
Cutting width: 5-45mm
Cutting length: 1-99999mm
Blade rotation angle: 45-135 degrees

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Model number: LJL-120CX
Tool: hot knife
Cutting speed: 80 times / min
Voltage: 110 / 220V
Power supply: 0.58KW
Weight: 28KG
Blade rotation angle: 45-135 degrees
Cutting width: 5-45mm
Cutting length: 1-99999mm
Blade maximum temperature: 430 °C
Package dimensions: 550 * 450 * 350 mm

Functional Features:

1.The computer program control panel is simple, easy to operate and clear at a glance. The length, speed, temperature and total number can be adjusted at will
2.High quality and high strength white steel knife imported white steel knife material, sharp blade, durable. Cut flat, no rough edge, no loose edge, no black edge.
3. large cooling fan to reduce machine temperature and ensure the machine can continuously for a long time
4. Synchronize upper and down rubber wheel, up and down when working, cutting can be multiple synchronous cutting and accurate, and high working efficiency
5. LCD display high-speed computer cutting machine control panel, main board, full intelligent counting, simple operation, convenient and fast
6.Cut off the speed 110 tablets per minute (at 50mm)
7.It can be cut into nylon materials such as braided belt, elastic belt, nylon ribbon, colorful Satin belt, backpack belt, shoe belt, Ribbon, leather, zipper and other multi angle cutting shape angle can be arbitrarily set.
8.The cutting angle can be set, and the product can cut multiple angles

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