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Pay-off stand LJL-B101

Short Description:

Model: LJL-B101
Disc diameter: 860mm
Load: 50KG
Max diameter: 400mm
Main shaft: 20mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

Feeder, Feeding device

Function Description:

Corrugated pipe, water pipe, gas pipe, PVC pipe, copper wire and iron wire can be placed.


Voltage 220V  50HZ
Disc diameter 860mm
Load 50KG
Max diameter 400mm
Main shaft 20mm
Power 550W
Dimensions L1200* W860* H850mm
Weight 90KG
  • High speed feeding, computer pipe cutting machine controlled by microcomputer program, accuracy of 0.1 mm
  • Cutter speed adjustable, Chinese and English LCD display
  • The length and speed can be adjusted continuously
  • Automatic group accumulation and total accumulation count
  • Batch pause and delay time can be set
  • The machine will stop automatically in case of shortage of materials and no one will be on duty
  • It can cut all kinds of tubular and banded materials automatically;
  • High speed stepping motor precisely controls the length of pipe cutting; The length and speed of the belt are adjustable;
  • Cutting time protection; Total number setting; The setting of sub handle; The pause time is adjustable;
  • All kinds of manual operation are available for debugging;
  • The LCD large screen of the computer pipe cutting machine displays directly in Chinese, and the operation is simple and convenient;
  • With special mechanical structure, special cutting tool and special software control, the unevenness of the cut of silicone tubes from other manufacturers is solved. The incision is flat and the length is accurate

Applicable industries:
Widely used in electronic industry, auto parts industry, electrical appliances, motor, toys, transformer, plastic pipe factory, rubber pipe factory, etc

Scope of application:

Adhesive tape, cotton ribbon, elastic tape, plastic tape, zipper, PVC sleeve, heat shrinkable sleeve, silica gel tube, glass fiber tube, Teflon sleeve, cable, small wire, conductive cloth / foam, battery partition, nickel sheet, diffusion sheet, reflective film, double-sided tape, Mylar, insulating paper, PE, copper / aluminum foil, cable, release paper, cutting copper sheet, aluminum sheet, plastic sheet Heat shrinkable sleeve, PVC pipe, infusion pipe, insulating paper, mica sheet, self-adhesive paper, electrode, conductive cloth / foam, double-sided tape, heat shrinkable sleeve, nickel sheet, pole piece, pole ear, insulating paper, Mylar sheet, highland barley paper, Kuaiba paper, polyimide tape (Kapton), copper / aluminum foil, all kinds of metal sheet, arranging wire, small wire, buckle tape, all kinds of tape, etc

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