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Semi-auto Coaxial Wire Stripping Machine LJL-6806D

Short Description:

Model: LJL-6806D
Coaxial wire stripping machine
Max Cable Diameter 1.5-9.5mm mm
Cutting depth 0.01mm
Max Peeling length 65mm
Easy operate

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  • It adopts the most advanced carbide tuming and accordingly improve the accuracy and speed. It is main used for the process of coaxial-cable and special single line.
  • It adopts the axis positioning device and carbide tuming and can peel at most 9 stratums without changing the blade.Also, it can equip with Set Controller and display the cutting diameter.

Product Description

This series machines are designed for stripping coaxial cable. Applicable to all kinds of flexible Introduction
and semi-flexible coaxial cable in the communication industry and medical automotive industry
1. Rotary stripping head, exquisite structure improve the stripping stability and working life 2. Max stripping 9 layers
3. Support multi-layer peeling, multi-stage peeling
4. Servo motor, precision ball screw and multi-point motion control system, work stable and high 5. The stripping tool is made of high quality steel and optionally coated with titanium alloy, sharp and durable

Technical Parameter

Name LJL-6806D Coaxial Stripping Machine
Cable Type coaxial-cable,tri-axial cable,shield wire,rigid cable
Max. Cable Diameter 1.5-9mm
Cutting depth of the unit 0.01mm
Max. peeling length 65mm
Max. peeling stratum 9
Drive mode Motor/ Ball screw drive(Japan)
Display Touchscreen 95mm*50mm
Blade 2 pieces   Material: imported tungsten steel(Switzerland)
Centering slab 2 pieces    Material: imported tungsten steel
Trapper Automatic self-aligning, motor drive, the clamping process control
Productivity 700—1200pcs/h(depend on the cable length and type)
Opening way Manual operation/Pedal
Power AC220V/110V 50/60HZ      400W
Weight 25Kg
Boundary dimension 600*185*280mm
Work environment 5-45°C,moderate dry,non-shake

Other models

We also have other models  Semi automatic coaxial wire stripping machine  and full automatic coaxial wire stripping machine  with different features
If you are not so sure which one is the best for you, please contact us, we will recommend the correct model to you! Tested video of your sample is no problem too.


LJL-6806D (8) LJL-6806D (1) LJL-6806D (2) LJL-6806D (3) LJL-6806D (4) LJL-6806D (5) LJL-6806D (6) LJL-6806D (7)

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