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Semi-automatic Mute Wire Stripping And Crimping Machine LJL-2.0TM

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Specification of Semi-automatic Mute Wire Stripping And Crimping Machine

Crimping force: 2.0T
Maximum stripping length:8mm
Maximum stripping capacity: AWG16
Maximum Terminal Length:20mm
Driving method for stripping: Pneumatic type
Air pressure: 3.5-4kg
Operation mode: Pedal switch / Single Action
Weight & Dimension: 65kg, 530*300*1000mm

2019 High Speed Ultra Silent Stripping and Terminal Crimping Machine
Wire Processing—Stripping—Crimping

Technical Characteristics:

1: This machine is equipped with 750W motor and RV63 reducer. and can be competent at more requirements for terminal crimping because of the large torque and the large crimping force.
2: The three axles through-type spindle mounting method, front and back supporting, concentric axles without gap keeps the crimping much firmer!
3: A11 Air TAC pneumatic elements. including air tap and tube, provide a guarantee of machine quality!
4: This machines equipped with a micro movement stacker as standard for more smooth terminal feeding The winding plate is made of stainless steel, firm and durable!
5:The standard storage drawer provides the general accessories with fixed space
6: The air amplifier is added to completely clear the wire skin stripped!
7: The volume of cylinder for clamping and stripping is increased to clamp and cut&strip bigger wires!
8: The precision linear guide is used for back stripping movement, smoothly move, no resistance!



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