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Flat Cable Stripping & Tearing Machine LJL508-PX2

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  • Drive way: Four Drivers
  • Power Supply: AC220/110V 50HZ/60HZ
  • Power Rating: 450W
  • Available diameter: 0.1-8mm²
  • Stripping length: Head 0-15mm, End 0-15mm
  • Cutting Length: 01-150000mm(Determined on wire materials)
  • Cutting Tolerance: ±(0.2+0.0002×L)mm (L=Cutting Length)
  • The max width: 12P(mm²) / 80x25x2.5mm
  • Processing Capacity: 8000-3000wires/hour
  • Fitting Wire Material: flat cable, data cable, flat wire
  • Drive Way: Two Wheel Drive At The Same Time
  • Cut the middle of stripping: 13
  • Speed Adjustment: 1-6
  • Wire Diameter Adjustment: Automation
  • Rollers Press Adjustment: Setup
  • Stripping Press: Auto Rise
  • Wire Stripping Quality: Advance
  • Parameter Memory Function: None
  • Blade Material: Sungsten Steel
  • Mearsurement: 540*530*410mm
  • Net Weight: 36Kg
  • Remark: Stretcher is Selective


* This flat ribbon cable cutting and stripping machine is suitable for all kinds of flat cables (e.g. ribbon cables, multi-core flat cables, etc.). It can process flat cable cutting, splitting, half-stripping, and full stripping at one time.
* This machine adopts hybrid drive and is a fully automatic CNC equipment that introduces advanced technologies from Japan and Taiwan.
* Being able to process different kinds of flat cables.
* LCD touch screen dialog mode, beautiful appearance, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, fast speed, and high precision.
* Widely used in wire processing in the electronics industry, automotive and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors, lamps and toys.
* One-time cutting and stripping, and splitting at the same time.
* Saving labor and time and increasing productivity.


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