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  • Pneumatic Big Wire Cutting-off Machine LJL-025

    Pneumatic Big Wire Cutting-off Machine LJL-025

    Specification Model LJL-025 Air Pressure 0.5MPA Power AC 220V Wire size <160mm2 Stroke 50MM Dimensions 450*300*400MM Weight 30kg Features Multicore Automatic Electrical Cable Wire Cutting Machine Product function characteristics 1, This product is a non-standard machine, professional for large cable cutting, is using power, pneumatic drive foot, so as to achieve cutting effect 2. Tool tools with imported high-speed steel, sharp and durable. 3. Threaded trimmer is made of...

  • Network Cable Straightening Machine LJL-028

    Network Cable Straightening Machine LJL-028

    Introduction This machine is not only used for straightening the network cable, but also often used in the processing of Type-C, USB3.1, HDMI and other multi-core industrial control lines. With safety cover.  Simple Operation (1)Put the peeled cable in the middle of the rubber block of the machine. (2)Then press the foot switch, the rubber block is rubbed back and forth. (3)When the machine is rubbing the cable, pull out the cable. The processing time should be 1-2 seconds. (4)The core wire o...

  • Shielded wire brushing and splitting machine LJL-029A

    Shielded wire brushing and splitting machine LJ...

    Model High-speed wire splitting machineLJL-029A Motor speed 0-6000rpm/m(adjustable) Power 50W*2(Ring transformer power supply) Brushing wire length 5-60mm(The length of the sight material will be increased to 90mm) Scope of application Wire OD 0.1-25mm 50mm2 Brushing distance Adjustable Power supply 220V AC 50HZ Machine size L320×W220×H260mm Weight 15kg Application Shielded wire, braided wire, etc. Used to break up, brush bristles, and remove wires,Shielding wire ca...

  • Shielded wire brushing and splitting machine (with vacuum cleaner) LJL-029

    Shielded wire brushing and splitting machine (w...

    Product description LJL-029 shielded wire brushing machine Features introduction: 1. Shielded wire woven mesh machine can process coaxial cable or special cable (ordinary cable) with a length of 200mm and an outer diameter of 30mm. Dispersion can be processed continuously. 2. The operation mode is manual insertion. 3. This machine is convenient and quick. If you need to adjust the pulley spacing during the machining process, just turn the rotating handle on the right side of the fuselage. 4. ...

  • Wire stripping and bending machine LJL508-ZW25  25mm2 with four belt drivers

    Wire stripping and bending machine LJL508-ZW25 ...

    * Wire size:1-25mm2 Display mode: Chinese and English operation interfaces can be switched (7 Inch Touch screen is adopted) * Outside size: 400mm×515mm×345mm * Weight:45KG * Display way:240×128 LED blue Display * Power supply:AC175V-250≤50/60HZ * Voltage:500W * Cutting length:max 5m * Stripping Length:Wire head: 0-30mm, wire tail: 0-20mm * Bending number:13 Times * Bending length:more than 55mm * U-shaped, Z-shaped, clockwise, counterclockwise * Bending is adjustable, 30°,45°,90°- 180° * Ben...

  • Automatic cable tie gun machine/Handheld wire tying machine LJL-80S

    Automatic cable tie gun machine/Handheld wire t...

    Features 1. The automatic PLC touch screen control circuit is simple and convenient to operate and has good stability. 2.Bulk cable tie at random in the rotary table will be chaos, cable tie through the pipeline to puff 3.Automatic shuttle tie cable tie, automatic tip.Time, improve work efficiency 4.Handle design compact, easy to grip 5.Banding strength or tightness can be adjusted through the knob Specifications Model LJL-80S/100S/ 120S/150S/200S Power supply AC220V/110V 50/60HZ 400W ...

  • Half-fold labeling machine LJL-1181

    Half-fold labeling machine LJL-1181

    Techical Parameter of Automatic Wire Folded Label Making Machine  * Model: LJL-1181 *Scope of application:1~10mm adjustable diameter *Scope of Label: wide 8~65mm long 40-165mm *Max Label Coil OD: dia240mm *Max Label Coil ID:dia76mm *Label Precision:+/-0.20mm *Labeling Speed:1800-3600 pcs/hour *Label feed speed:1.2 second/Label *Power supply:110V/ 220V 50Hz/60Hz 0.25KW *Pressure: 4-6ba *Operation Temperature :+5 ~ +40℃ *Relative humidity:(20-90)%RH *Applicable product size:standard model leng...

  • Semi-automatic flat cable crimp terminal machine

    Semi-automatic flat cable crimp terminal machine

    Features 1. The equipment consists of imported original parts: servo motor, SMC cylinder, Mitsubishi PLC, xiaojinjing solenoid valve, etc. 2. Manual setting out, servo automatic feeding, automatic positioning and automatic pressing. 3. Computer touch screen Chinese operation, easy to learn, easy to use. The automatic cable terminal machine is a new type of automatic wire terminal machine. It can quickly change the OTP transverse mode. It is easier to operate than the old one, and the debuggin...

  • Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine LJL-200

    Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine LJL-200

    Specification Used for stripping and twisting wires Stripping length: 2-30mm Wire size: AWG14-22 Power Rating: 120W Weight: 15kg Measurement: 300*200*160mm Suitable for: AV / DC power line, electronic line, multi center line, rubber line, isolation line Features 1. Special mechanical structure, twisted wire, once completion 2. Special spring hook, twist the end is thin, not easy to loosen 3. Single-core twisted wire with period specification of 22AWG-14AWG 4. Suitable for: AV/DC power cord,...

  • Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-9GR

    Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-9GR

    Specifications * Tape Width: 6-60mm * Tape Length : 5-999mm *Tape outside diameter: 300mm * Body Material: Anti-Static ABS * Tape Types: 100+ types of tapes, including Acetate/Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Normex, Filament, Kapton, Pre-stick, Cellophane, Craft, Masking, Plastic, etc. * Usable Non Adhesive Material: Protection Film, Insulation Film, Aluminum/Copper Foil, Paper Tape, Tube, Plastic Band, Magic Tape, ribbon, etc. *Usable tape inner Dia.: any core size * Feeding Speed: 200 mm /sec. *...

  • Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-2

    Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-2

    Specifications of ZCUT-2 Vinyl Tape Dispenser Available Tape Width: 3 ~ 25mm Available Cut Length: 13 ~ 60mm Adjusting Method: Screw Bobbin: Needed Body Material: Plastic Measurement & Gross Weight: 300×170×165mm 2.8kg Tape Types: PVC tape, vinyl tape, cellophane tape, pp tape, polyethylene tape, masking tape, capton tape, teflon tape, mylar tape nomex tape, paper tape, acetate cloth tape, cotton cloth tape, glass cloth tape, aluminum foil tape, double-sided tape, soft forming tape, and m...

  • Electrical Tape Dispenser RT-3700

    Electrical Tape Dispenser RT-3700

    Feature: * Reduce waste and good for your environment. * Movable Sensor can set the place where Turn Table stops. * Set cut pieces by Movable Sensor. * This automatic tape dispenser machine increases productivity. * Provide consistent tape lengths. * Accept to cut many kinds of tape. * Clean and neat cut. * Bobbin free, can put any size of roll. * Change the length of tape and spacing by knob. * Easy to change the blades without adjustments. We Provide * Best products and factory price. * On-...

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