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Pneumatic Big Wire Cutting-off Machine LJL-025

Short Description:

Can cut 1-60 square cord
Air Pressure:0.5MPA
Wire size:<160mm2

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Model LJL-025
Air Pressure 0.5MPA
Power AC 220V
Wire size <160mm2
Stroke 50MM
Dimensions 450*300*400MM
Weight 30kg


Multicore Automatic Electrical Cable Wire Cutting Machine

Product function characteristics
1, This product is a non-standard machine, professional for large cable cutting, is using power, pneumatic drive foot, so as to achieve cutting effect
2. Tool tools with imported high-speed steel, sharp and durable.
3. Threaded trimmer is made of air cylinder, cylinder diameter of 100, travel of 50, three-dimensional;
4. Minimum gas consumption, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance;
5. This pneumatic thick cable cutting machine is suitable for cutting off electronic wires, cables, power cables, USB cables, coaxial cables and more. Wire size.
* Use high-power cylinder to provide strong output force for cutting
* The large-capacity oil-water classifier makes the cylinder run stably and not easily damaged
* Using tungsten steel blade, sharp and durable, fast cutting
* Sharp knife edge, smooth cut, stable performance electrical wire stripping machine/copper wire cable peeling machine

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