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Semi-automatic flat cable crimp terminal machine

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1. The equipment consists of imported original parts: servo motor, SMC cylinder, Mitsubishi PLC, xiaojinjing solenoid valve, etc.
2. Manual setting out, servo automatic feeding, automatic positioning and automatic pressing.
3. Computer touch screen Chinese operation, easy to learn, easy to use.

The automatic cable terminal machine is a new type of automatic wire terminal machine. It can quickly change the OTP transverse mode. It is easier to operate than the old one, and the debugging is fast. The output can be up to 5K wire harness terminal/good, using CNC debugging parameters, LCD screen. It shows that it eliminates the difficulty of adjusting the steps, the design is exquisite, greatly reducing the labor intensity of production workers, improving production efficiency, effectively controlling the non-performing rate, and making the quality of the produced cable stable, without training, any employee can be employed operating.


Product Name:Semi-automatic flat cable crimp terminal machine
Model: LJL-FFC
Function:Single end crimping
Power supplyl:AC 220V/50/60HZ, Single phase
Wire size:1-3mm
Standard P number:2-20P
Stripping length: 90mm
Separate wire length:30mm
Crimp force: 2T
Weight & Dimension: 500Wx800Lx600H(mm) & 300KG


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