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Twist Tie Machine For Food LJL-204

Short Description:

Strapping speed (beats/min): 50pcs/min
Winding (circle): 3
Banding diameter range: 0-10mm
Voltage: 220V,50HZ or 110V60HZ
Power: 25W
Tie Width (mm): 4

Product Detail

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Performance parameter

Model number; LJL-204
Supply voltage: AC 110V/220V
Power: 25W
Out length: 70mm
Tighten the laps: 4 laps
Zable size: less than 10mm
Machine Dimensions: 590 × 320 × 450mm
Package size: 640x210x320mm
Work efficiency: 50 pcs/min
Weight: 9.5KGS

Type line machine adopts metal ribbon loads the food, fruit and other goods to tighten the sealing plastic bags, is a supermarket, bakery, farm the ideal packaging equipment. Milk tea, hair care products, other.
Applicable industry: food and beverage, food, gifts, handicrafts, toys

The quality assurance
Machine guarantee time is 1 year. Within guarantee time . Machine breaking caused by machine itself design defect , we are responsible for it .we can provided free charge breaking part, If machine breaking caused by humane factor , user need take responsibility for it , we will provided technical online support.

Scope of application

1. Machines for baking products: bread / tortilla / toast
2. Leisure food: biscuits / biscuits, etc.
3. Bulk packaging: spice / tea / pasta / candy
4. Plastic and paper products: cups / plates, etc.
5. Wire / cable
6. Medical / plastic pipe (in the plastic bags)

automatic twist tie winding machine
1.The maximum tying diameter for the LJL-204 is from 10mm-50mm do not twist over size.
2.Plug the power cord into the power source.
3.According to the tying diameter and set the length of twist-tie.
4. According to the tying diameter and set adjustment.
5.If the tying diameter is under 30mm, please loosen the screw
6.and make the adjustment at a high of of 15mm above the twisting mouth. Then lock the screw (1).
7.Hold the wire securely, move smoothly the wire against the twisting
Head for twisting operation.
After twisting, retract it straightly.
coil winding machine

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