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Shielded wire brushing and splitting machine (with vacuum cleaner) LJL-029

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Model: LJL-029
Features:Roller Type
Combing Length:5-60mm(The length of the line of sight will be increased to 90mm)
Production Rate:0-6000 Rev/min (adjustable)
Shielding cable wire brush machine for wire range diameter 0.1-25mm wire mesh slitting
Cable shielded layer brushing machine for wire diameter 1-25mm

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Product description

LJL-029 shielded wire brushing machine

Features introduction:
1. Shielded wire woven mesh machine can process coaxial cable or special cable (ordinary cable) with a length of 200mm and an outer diameter of 30mm. Dispersion can be processed continuously.
2. The operation mode is manual insertion.
3. This machine is convenient and quick. If you need to adjust the pulley spacing during the machining process, just turn the rotating handle on the right side of the fuselage.
4. The electronic part and the mechanical part of the machine are assembled separately, so it is easier and convenient to carry out maintenance, maintenance and inspection in the future.
5. This machine is designed with a safety cover to protect the operator.


(1) The shielding net can be brushed smoothly to facilitate later processing.
(2) Hold the wire and slowly insert the wire from the front section, while holding the wire and slowly rotate it.
(3) When brushing the shielding net, brush the shielding net slowly from the front to the back (the principle of combing hair is the same).
(4) The wire can be pulled back and forth to increase the friction, that is, brush the knots.
(5) Different sizes of wires can adjust the track brush wheel spacing.
(6) Brush material: copper wire or nylon brush.

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Model LJL-029 (with vacuum cleaner)
Features Roller Type
Available Wire Dia. 0.1-25mm
Combing Length 5-60mm(The length of the line of sight will be increased to 90mm)
Production Rate 0-6000 Rev/min (adjustable)
Power Supply 110/220VAC;50/60Hz
Power 50W*2 (Total is 150W)
Weight 35kg
Dimensions L320×W420×H260mm


Shielded wire brushing and splitting machine (with vacuum cleaner) LJL-029 (3)


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