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Automatic axial taping wire machine for automobile wire harness-LJL-50J

Short Description:

Model: LJL-50J
Tape length: 50-99mm
Tape width: 25-40mm
Air pressure: 0.5-0.6mpa

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Technical parameters: LJL-50J
Working times: 60 times / min
Tape length: 50-99mm
Tape width: 25-40mm
Air pressure: 0.5-0.6mpa
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz   200W
Dimension: W400 × H400 × D460(mm)
Net weight of machine: 57kg
Applicable wire diameter: the thickness can be customized

Automatic electrical tape practical middle winding machine main purpose of tape wrapping machine:
This machine is mainly for automobile, motorcycle, aviation cable peripheral winding tape, play the role of marking, fixing and insulation.

Product Description

1. It can be compatible with different kinds of tape materials without isolation paper (such as cloth base tape, PVC tape, etc.)
2. Keep flat and wrinkle free, which can ensure that each lap of cloth base tape overlaps with the previous lap by 1 / 2.
3. It can realize the switching of different winding modes: point winding at the same position and spiral direct winding at different positions.
4. It can set the number of turns and speed, and display the output.
5. The blade can be changed quickly
6. It is suitable for wrapping the tape after the intermediate contact crimping. The length of the tape is adjusted by numbers, which is convenient, fast and accurate.
7. The quality of machine binding is stable, the efficiency is high, and the operation intensity can be reduced.

Machine features

1. Exquisite and compact design, excellent conception
2. Using computer touch screen to adjust PLC control operation in Chinese and English, easy to learn.
3. The length of adhesive tape and the number of turns can be adjusted conveniently, conveniently and accurately
4.Stable quality and high efficiency of the machine can reduce the difficulty of operation

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