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Shielded wire brushing and splitting machine LJL-029A

Short Description:

Model: LJL-029
Features:Roller Type
Combing Length:5-60mm(The length of the line of sight will be increased to 90mm)
Production Rate:0-6000 Rev/min (adjustable)
Shielding cable wire brush machine for wire range diameter 0.1-25mm wire mesh slitting
Cable shielded layer brushing machine for wire diameter 1-25mm

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Model High-speed wire splitting machineLJL-029A
Motor speed 0-6000rpm/m(adjustable
Power 50W*2Ring transformer power supply
Brushing wire length 5-60mmThe length of the sight material will be increased to 90mm
Scope of application Wire OD 0.1-25mm 50mm2
Brushing distance Adjustable
Power supply 220V AC 50HZ
Machine size L320×W220×H260mm
Weight 15kg
Application Shielded wire, braided wire, etc. Used to break up, brush bristles, and remove wires,Shielding wire cables combing and brushing

When the motor is running, please do not frequently switch between forward and reverse, and do not place the governor at high speed. Start the motor at the position, please tune the governor every time, it stops. Speed, the machine is more durable.

Features: the screen can be brushed smoothly to facilitate the later processing;

The hand-held wire rod is slowly put into the front section, and the hand-held wire rod is slowly rotated at the same time;

The distance between brush wheels can be adjusted for different wire sizes. The wire rod can be pulled back and forth for a long time to facilitate the brushing of shielding net. It can be divided into copper wire brush and nylon brush;

Copper wire brush: suitable for small wire diameter, suitable for shielding mesh with aluminum foil wire (not depending on the material)

Nylon brush: suitable for all wire rod, not easy to damage the wire, but fast wear (the speed should not be too fast to increase the service life of brush wheel)

Turn over the screen function: press the reverse direction to put the wire in and turn the wire at the same time to turn over the screen to the back side of the wire
Suitable for shielded wire brush wire within 25mm diameter
Put the peeled wire products first in the branching part for branching

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