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Semi-automatic special Nylon Cable Tie tying Bundling Machine LJL-20

Short Description:

Model: LJL-20
Applicable cable tie length 180 / 200mm
The max. tying diameter 40 / 50mm
Max strapping force 15N
Max. conduit diameter 11mm
Productivity: 1200-1800pcs/hour

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Model: LJL-20
Type: Non – standard
Power supply: AC 220/110V/50/60HZ
Rating voltage: 300W
Applicable cable tie length 180 / 200mm
The max. tying diameter 40 / 50mm
Max strapping force 15N
Max. conduit diameter 11mm
Productivity 1200-1800pcs/hour
Power 0.75kw
Air pressure 0.6 Mpa
Noise level <70dBA
Starting System Pedal
Suitable area: Special shaped belt


Widely used in electronics factory, bundled TV, computer and other electrical internal wiring, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products within the line fixed, mechanical equipment, oil pipeline fixed, the ship on the cable line solid. Car packaging or bundled with other objects, can also be used for wire, air conditioning capillary, toys, daily necessities agriculture, gardening, handicrafts and other bundled items.

Binding wire machine for PLC, text control circuit, working stability is good; , simple and convenient operation, set up and run the related parameter values can be directly in the PLC screen display, clear and intuitive, high degree of automation, good coherence, fast speed, free to set binding wire length, intelligent automation, only need to put around the good material in binding wire mouth, machine automatic induction tie wire, binding wire finish in one second, replace manpower binding wire, solves the manual binding with the tie is not neat, the line size is differ, the slow speed, etc. Reduce damage, reduce fatigue, this device can save more than 30% of the workforce, significantly improve the working efficiency, solved the difficult problem of employment.

Product characteristics

1. The equipment is a non-calibrated machine, and the frame size shall be agreed.
2. Equipment is equipped with a single module bit.
3. Operation operation using foot control.
4. Automatic PLC touch screen control circuit, easy and convenient operation, good working stability.
5. Manual material.
6. Automatic wearing locking strap, automatic cutting tie tape, saving time and effort, improve several times working efficiency.
7. Tie tension touch screen digital adjustment.
8. Tie tail touch screen digital adjustment.
9. No pneumatic.

Third. Main components

1. Control the motherboard (high-speed PCL) 2. Display 3. Step motor 4. Step drive 5. Switch the power supply
6. Sensor 7. Small circuit breaker 8. Guide ook 9. Blade 10. Ropin 11. Pull gear 12. Synchronous wheel
Fourth. Operation sequence:
1. Place in the strap
2. Product placement
3. Press the foot switch and the module completes the tie band, tighten and cut the tail.
4. Remove the product


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