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Half-fold labeling machine LJL-1181

Short Description:

Model: LJL-1181
*Scope of application:1~10mm adjustable diameter
*Scope of Label: wide 8~65mm long 40-165mm
*Max Label Coil OD: dia240mm
*Max Label Coil ID:dia76mm
*Labeling Speed:1800-3600 pcs/hour

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Techical Parameter of Automatic Wire Folded Label Making Machine 

* Model: LJL-1181
*Scope of application:1~10mm adjustable diameter
*Scope of Label: wide 8~65mm long 40-165mm
*Max Label Coil OD: dia240mm
*Max Label Coil ID:dia76mm
*Label Precision:+/-0.20mm
*Labeling Speed:1800-3600 pcs/hour
*Label feed speed:1.2 second/Label
*Power supply:110V/ 220V 50Hz/60Hz 0.25KW
*Pressure: 4-6ba
*Operation Temperature :+5 ~ +40℃
*Relative humidity:(20-90)%RH
*Applicable product size:standard model length: 40mm~160mm/380mm (need to customize beyond the scope),standard model width: 5mm~45mm/100mm(need to customize beyond the scope)
Equipped with standard positioning ruler:200mm (need to customize beyond the scope)
*Total Weight: 68KG
*Machine size(LxWxH):580mm×680mm×1000mm
*Optional function can be added
Real time printing, online printing, printing and labeling in one step. On line editing of industrial computer   Triple scanner   Scan QR code, upload anti duplicate code, error code, missing code and other scanning and labeling are completed synchronously.

Product Description
This IPC controlled label printing and folding machine for wire harness can print labels as requests, and fold labels, barcodes,
etc. onto cables and wires automatically. It is widely used in electronics industry, wire & cable industry, food and other


* Printing settings are controlled by industrial computer, very easy to use
* Servo motor for precise positioning;
* German SICK label electric eye quickly senses the label gap to complete labeling and complete the identification;
* Reasonable mechanical structure design ensures smooth and stable label delivery;
* Convenient application, can be adjusted in a wide range, realize the folding and labeling of different specifications of wire
harness products;
* You don’t need to twist the screws to adjust the machine, just input the label size and wire diameter directly on the display.
* The labeling effect is good, the labeling efficiency is high, the operation is convenient, and the material belt is easy to replace. It is suitable for labeling various specifications of cables.
* Applicable industries: electronics, wire, electrical appliances, elec tromechanical,
* Applicable wires: earphone cable, USB cable, power cord, air pipe, water pipe, etc.;
* Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcode, etc.;
* Application examples: headphone cable labeling, power cord labeling, optical fiber cable labeling, cable cable labeling,tracheal labeling, warning label labeling machine, etc.

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