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Desktop wire taping machine LJL-35T

Short Description:

Model:LJL-35T (8-35MM) LJL-55S (20-55MM)
Winding speed:150-400 r.p.m/minute
Available tape:Width 10-25MM;Outside diameter less than 110mm, Inside diameter: customized.

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Power supply: 100-240V 50-60HZ
Wire diameter: LJL-S35A (8-35MM)   LJL-55 (20-55MM)
Winding speed: 150-400 r.p.m/minute
Available tape: Width 10-25MM;Outside diameter less than 110mm, Inside diameter: customized.
Weight: 8KG
Dimension: LJL-35A 250X300X350 (MM) , LJL-55 250X300X385 (MM)

Light desktop tape winding machine features:

* The weight of the whole machine is only about 8KG, so it is very convenient to change the position of mobile machine.

* It can finish high quality winding of wire harness with various tapes. It is strong, light, easy to operate and not easy to feel tired.

* Integrated toothed notch and hidden protective cutter can cut tape of any material. The operation is simple.

* Simple and anthropological.

* After cutting off the tape, the tape automatically jumps to the next position. No additional processes are required to prepare for the next step.

* Turntable opening design, branch can be skipped.

* Adjustable speed, and with a point winding number setting function.

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