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Hand-held Wire Winding Taping Machine LJL-S35A

Short Description:

Model:LJL-35A (8-35MM) LJL-55 (20-55MM)
Winding speed:180-400 Turn/Min
Tape size:Width 10-25MM;OD≤110M ;ID: Customized
Tape material:PVC, cloth, felt

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Power supply: 100-240V 50-60HZ
Wire diameter LJL-35A (8-35MM)   LJL-55 (20-55MM)
Winding speed 180-400 Turn/Min
Tape size Width 10-25MMOD≤110M ID: Customized
Tape material PVC, cloth, felt
Weight 4.0KG

Hand-held tape winding machine features:

* On the support frame, the hand-held device can complete high-quality winding of wire harness with various tapes. It is strong, light, easy to operate and not easy to feel tired.

* Integrated toothed notch and hidden protective cutter can cut tape of any material.

The operation is simple.

* Simple and anthropological.

* This device is efficient because it is easy to move.

* After cutting off the tape, the tape automatically jumps to the next position to prepare for the next step, without additional working procedures.

* Turntable opening design, branch can be skipped.

* Adjustable speed, and with a point winding number setting function.

Function instruction

1. Connect with power and hand machine by wire(need to be used on the assembly line, and install the spring hanger on the required working station)
Don’t put the hand on the rotating part to start the switch
Unplug the power plug when the machine is not in use
1 turn on the power supply and turn on the power after the power is switched on;
2 put the tape onto the tape holder and tear the tape out. Press the picture and cover it.


3. Hold the tape machine handle, the wire harness in the tape inside the hood on the tape is stuck, pinching the switch two can start the tape winding wire harness (for the first time in order to prevent the false start, the second start switch has no loose rotation; if the point of use is wrapped to set the number of rings, pressed two times loosen switch, to set the number of rings automatically stop).

Button function introduction

When the wire harness or other object is stuck into the rotating part, the emergency stop switch can be started
When the emergency stop switch is turned on, the red light is on, and the rotating part can rotate freely

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