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Wire harness tape wrapping machine LJL-303T

Short Description:

Tape width: 9-30mm Wire diameter: Ф3mm-25mm Winding length: 0-600mm/second Available Inside diameter of tape: Ф32 or Ф38 Available Outside diameter of tape: 110mm

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Product advantage

For the wire and complex forming, provides automated placement and winding. It not only can guarantee the high quality of the wiring harness, but also good value. especially applicable for thick wiring harnesses. Small, quick, reliable, cost-effective and thus absolutely economical, the perfect machine for efficient and cost-effective production.  LJL-303T wiring harness and cable assembly taping machine

Name Wire harness tape wrapping machine factory price
Tape width 9-30mm
Wire diameter Ф3mm-25mm
Winding length 0-600mm/second
Taping way Spiral winding
Display Touch screen
Main engine speed (RPM) 200-1400 (can adjustable)
Available Inside diameter of tape Ф32 or Ф38
Available Outside diameter of tape 110mm
Available tape PVC, vinyl, cloth, felt, tape,etc
Taping length No limit
GW 29kg
Size 430*380*260mm
Motor power AC220V/110V 50/60Hz 250W

Machine functions

Full winding: the adhesive tape overlaps and wraps the whole harness, and the area of the overlap winding of the tape is adjusted manually Point winding: the tape shall wrap a point of the harness according to the number of turns. The number of winding rings can be set to one circle, two turns and more than two turns. 8sdgshd6 (1) 8sdgshd6 (2) 8sdgshd6 (3) 8sdgshd6 (4) 8sdgshd6 (5)

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